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TRIPSit Book Exchange



We recently added a new feature to the site:

The TRIPSit Book Exchange was made to allow TRIPSit members a way to continue to explore and learn about what it means to be a psychonaut  by exchanging their old psychonaut books  with other TRIPSit members. The service is free and is a simple process that allows for a quick swap between members for book for book. Members are not allowed to sell books or other items on this area of the site, this is purely for trading of books.

If you have old books that you no longer would like to read that deal with the topic of psychonauts, the TRIPSit Book Exchange is perfect for you. To list a book on the site all you need to do is:

  • Register for a account
  • Post your book image with the description of what the book is in
  • List your general area of where the book is located (United States, Canada, or United Kingdom)
  • List what book you would like to switch with or indicate if you are willing to switch for suggested books
  • Submit your listing

Once you are done listing your book it is now time to wait for someone to select your book and offer the swap. Its now between you and the requester to send each other the books. Its really that easy!

Remember that you pay for the shipping cost of your book, and the person sending you another book also pays for their book to be sent for you. Never provide anyone money for your book or give money for shipping costs.

We hope that you enjoy the service and that you tell your friends about the opportunities on the TRIPSit Network.

Check it out (here)