In today’s world its not hard to see the divide; people living their lives, experiencing their world and all too often never reaching out to help one another. We believe that the time has come to break the taboos associated with drug use and to provide people with the resources they need in order to stay safe.

We are TripSit – Our mission is to provide open discussion of harm reduction techniques and positive support. We promote the use of harm reduction tools such as test kits, and offer guidance and support with regards to harm reduction when using drugs. We encourage discussion of scientific, medical, philosophical understandings, and many of us can provide advice based on life experiences, an invaluable asset for someone who may be experiencing a similar issue. We are eager, willing, and prepared to guide or ‘tripsit’ users who may be having a hard time while under the influence of drugs.

Our experienced team understands the good and bad side of drugs and we understand that individuals will use drugs regardless of their current legality. Its for that reasons that we are here to help by reducing the risks associated with reckless or uninformed consumption of drugs in all environments while providing support and assistance to those who need it. Whether you need someone to talk to, advice on safe dosage, a simple water bottle, or supportive techniques for recovery we are here for you.

Our network is comprised of an IRC chat team dedicated to 24/7 live support from quick information to a friendly guide through difficult experience. We also offer a drug-information wiki for those seeking quick information and a live radio service for those seeking musical company.

Overall, the TripSit team is here to help you stay safe as possible if you choose to use substances. Even though we are not trained professionals, we are unpaid volunteers that take the time out of our day to support people in need. We are here for you. Whether you need information, someone to answer questions without judgement, a testing kit, or just a place to hang out and talk with friends we hope to be there.

We live in a day and age where the influence of drugs is as present in our lives as it has ever been and we strongly believe that there is a need to ensure that people have the same ease-of-access to the information and supplies needed to stay safe. So, from all of us here at TripSit: Stay safe, and learn.

Additional Information
We do not encourage the use or abuse of drugs. On the contrary: users who join our network are already intent on taking drugs, and we provide services to keep them safe. We do not condone the abuse of drugs or mixing of potentially dangerous combinations of drugs.
Our number one goal is to provide positive support and encourage harm reduction by providing techniques, advice, and in some cases, helping users deal with possible negative psychological consequences of their actions and experiences.
We have a zero tolerance policy on the abuse of dangerous drugs and any discussion of suicide or other psychological issues, and we do remove rule breakers from the community to ensure they do not become a bad influence on others.
There is often a conflation between a ‘bad trip’ and a medical emergency apparent with expert testimonials given in news reports. A bad trip refers to a situation in which someone may be feeling panicked, depressed, anxious, or upset while under the influence of psychotropic drugs and would like somebody to talk to in a supportive, positive, and relaxing environment.
TripSit is not intended to be a replacement for medical help, as we are not medical professionals. We strive to provide advice and positive support to users who are already engaged in drug use. We provide information concerning the consequences, side effects, and addictive properties of using and/or mixing potentially harmful drugs.

The implication that users who require our advice should not be using in the first place may, in some cases, be a valid point. The TripSit Network does not exist to promote the dangerous use or mixing of drugs. We do not categorically generalise drug use or its safety.

Due to the stigmatisation of drug users in general, many people are hesitant to seek advice when it may be needed. Many users do not have a solid support structure of friends and family or access to adequate social services. In some cases, TripSit is the only resource our users have to turn to for advice, support, and positivity. This advice and support can and has saved lives. TripSit provides an answer to these draconian views and attitudes towards drug use. We save lives where they will not.