Hello, thank you for contacting us. This page will help gather information to be sent to us, and we'll use this information to answer your question. Be as detailed and honest as you can. Thank you!

    If you know why you're banned

    If you don't know why you're banned

    We apologize for the inconvenience. There could be a mistake, or the ban reason was not communicated effectively. Assuming the ban was erroneous, provide the following information to help diagnose the issue. Otherwise, we can clarify the banning reason using the above nickname.

    If you're banned on a mobile phone, then you may not be banned. Mobile hosts are dynamic (change) and you could be assigned a host that was banned in the past. If you answer "yes" to this, try to enable then disable airplane mode to try and get a new host. If that does not work, turn your phone off and on.