Apply for Staff

Thank you for your interest in joining the team! We have two different branches as entry-level positions to the team.

Any questions or concerns about the application can be brought to on the IRC network.


Tripsitters are the backbone of our network. Without their selfless efforts we would not be here today. Each of us have stepped up in the #tripsit room to help people and it’s a rite of passage to advance to other positions in the network. As such we have fairly high expectations of our tripsitters and expect the best out of them.

You will continue to be an active, responsible tripsitter in the #tripsit channel. After recieving the proper flags, you will recieve ~tripsit notifications and should respond whenever possible.

Check out “How To Tripsit Online” for tips, and never be afraid to defer a question to another member of the team by asking in #teamtripsit or even to use the ‘~tripsit user’ command yourself to let people know a user needs further help. There is a no tolerance policy for trolling and sarcasm, you’re free to quiet them whenever you feel they cross the line. Have them come to a staff channel to discuss why before unquieting them.

Content Contributor

Contributor is the entry-level staff position for our content team, who use their expansive knowledge to create and maintain our information resources, including the Wiki, factsheets and our drug combination chart.

The main goal of the contributor is to collect and format researched information into presentable information for our users by using the tools at hand to make data more accessible. The main platform for the contributor is the Wiki, and they will also help update the factsheets and various other published media.

Contributors will work hand-in-hand with senior TS staff, Editors, to publish corrections and updated information onto our wiki and other platforms.

Are you more interested in the TripSitter or Content Contributor paths?

TripSitter Path

Contributor Path