CBS5 Arizona Press Coverage

Recently the Tripsit network was covered in a news story on CBS5 Arizona, a broadcast in which we believe Tripsit’s goals and functions were not accurately represented. The broadcast innacurately describes the Tripsit Network as a ‘social networking site just for drug users,’. The Tripsit Network is a network of quality resources including chat rooms, forums, articles, and a social networking platform for psychonautical and spiritual discussion. TripSit is run by a group of dedicated volunteers with the aim of reducing harm in drug use and providing positive support to those who have nowhere else to turn to.

To begin, the news piece began with explaining that TripSit is a social networking site only for drug users, then cut to several YouTube videos which are not in any way associated with or affiliated with our network. These videos are not representative of the TripSit network and contain extremely poor and dangerous advice on drug use. The TripSit network feels as though these videos and statements are an attempt to slate and illegitimise our network; our network prides itself on the high quality of its content, features, and advice.

We were then depicted as being a website which encourages the irresponsible abuse of drugs. On the contrary; users who join our network are already intent on taking drugs, and we provide services to keep them safe. Although we are not medical professionals, our number one goal to encourage harm reduction by providing techniques, advice and, in some cases, helping users deal with possible negative psychological consequences of their actions and experiences. We have a zero tolerance policy on the abuse of dangerous drugs and any discussion of suicide or other psycological issues, and we do remove rule breakers from the community to ensure they do not become a bad influence for others.

Whereas the implication that users who require our advice should not be using in the first place may, in some cases, be a valid point; the Tripsit Network does not exist to promote the dangerous use of drugs or mixing of drugs. We cannot categorically generalize drug use and its safety.

We strive to provide advice and positive support to users who are already engaging in drug use by warning users about the consequences and side effects of using potentially harmful drugs and advise users about the dangers of mixing certain drugs. In cases we believe users should stop due to dangerous medical risks or potential addiction, we are here to help users quit and be safe, and we do remove users who break our rules from the network. Due to the stigmitization of drug users in general, many people are hesitant to seek medical advice when it may be needed. Many users may not have a solid support structure of freinds and family or have access to adequate medical services. In some cases, TripSit is the only resource our users have to turn to for advice, support, and positivity. This advice and support can and has saved lives. Since many people are hesitant or unable to seek adequate medical assistance, we feel that attitudes like those of D.J. Diebold are unrealistically optimistic. Tripsit provides an answer to these draconion views and attitudes towards drug use. We save lives where they will not.

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