Chat Overview

The TripSit IRC network is a positive community geared towards spreading factual information and helping people. The primary focus of this network is hosting TripSit, a harm-reduction drug community.

How To Connect

You can connect to our network through your web browser using this link.

Otherwise, you can use a desktop IRC client to connect, by adding a new server connection to on port 6667 (or port 6697 for SSL). We also have a pre-configured KVIRC client packaged, which will automatically connect to TripSit.

If you are new to IRC, then check out our New User Guide.

Tor Hidden Service

While TripSit scrambles IP’s by default, some users desire another layer of protection. For this reason TripSit provides a tor hidden service to allow anonymous connections. You will need to connect without tor at least once to register your nickname.

In depth instructions on configuring your client to use Tor can be found here.

List of Servers

We have a number of servers placed around the world, and in some cases connecting to a server closer to you physically may yield better connection speeds. You can connect to one of these directly by using the address as your ‘server’ option in your IRC client.

  • United Kingdom –
  • California, USA –
  • New Jersey, USA –


By connecting to this network, you agree to our Terms of Service found here.

A more comprehensive explanation of our rules can be found here.

Getting Help

If you have questions or need help with IRC issues, please /join #help or use this link.

If you would like to speak to Mods/Admins directly about issues concerning TripSit, please /join and your issue will be dealt with promptly.

Popular Channels

  • #tripsit
  • #tripsit1
  • #tripsitters
  • #lounge
  • #drugs
  • #stims
  • #opiates
  • #psychonaut
  • #compsci
  • #content
  • #music
  • #mycology

You can see a full list of channels on the network by typing /list.