TripSit is powered by a group of volunteers who believe in one thing, helping people. By support us you are not only supporting this network, but you are supporting those who we aim to help.

We are TripSit – A team of dedicated volunteers working to promote the safer practice of drug consumption of any sort through free, straight-forward, honest information and support in the context of harm-reduction techniques. With a wide variety of services ranging from adulterant-test-kits to ensure safety of consumption to free counseling and important safety supplies and information, we are committed to providing the means for safer and healthier practice of drug consumption and recreational party activity. (read more…)

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If you are like us and have a desire to help people, you may be just what we are looking for. We are always looking for new TripSit Team members. Contact us to learn more about what it means to be part of TripSit.


You can also help TripSit by donating money to support our non-profit status. Our goal for raising this money will provide us the ability to file for non-profit status. With that status we can write for grants, take tax free donations, and fund raise to gain additional funding to help people in real world situations. Our ultimate goal is to provide people a service such as free professional drug counselling, addiction counselling, group therapy, and other life changing techniques while supporting a non judgemental  attitude to those individuals. We also hope to expand our community involvement through website services that offer people a outlet to express themselves through art, blogging, and chatting.


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