TripSit Chat to become 18+ Only

Since its inception, TripSit has aimed to be an inclusive community for those interested in drugs and beyond. After much discussion, we have decided to change our policy regarding young people using the network, and as such we will no longer allow members under the age of 18 to socialise on our network

We believe that anyone should be able to receive support for drug related issues, so we we will keep #tripsit open to anyone requiring assistance, so long as they meet our 13+ rule as required by the COPA act. However, every other channel on the network, including channels not owned by TripSit, will become 18+ only.

Part of the reason for this change is that people under the age of 18 are still very much in development, and we believe that TripSit at large is a place children and young teenagers should not be exposed to directly. However, they will still have access to TripSit’s resources through our #tripsit and #sanctuary channels, as well as our online resources on the Wiki and factsheets. 

While we believe that young-adults should be able to directly seek support from TripSit, it is not wise for them to be influenced by the wider drug-related community until a later age. Furthermore, in order to encourage a productive drug-tolerant community, we must allow our members to have the confidence that what they say will not be negatively influencing young people who have not had the same education and experience they do.

Starting today, 2016-04-11, TripSit is entering the announcement period before the new policy takes effect. Exactly one month from now, 2016-05-11, users under 18 will no longer be able to make use of the TripSit channels, with the exception of #tripsit and #sanctuary. Community members under the age will have the chance to say goodbye and get the contact information of anyone they want to keep in touch with, and will be welcome back to the network once we can be assured they are over the age limit. 

During the announcement period, we will be making this policy change obvious to the people who use our network. A full list of the changes will be made available on this wiki document.

After the announcment period, the policy change will start to be enforced, and any user found under the limit going forward will be removed. This rule will not apply retroactively, as in we will not remove users under the age of 18 until there is evidence that they are currently under 18 after 2016-05-11. 

Users who are looking to get unbanned can view the unban procedure here. In short, members will need to wait until we can be assured they are over the age limit, or they will need to provide us proof of age as described in the guide. 


22 thoughts on “TripSit Chat to become 18+ Only”

  1. Hey guys, I got banned today and I would really appreciate that being reversed at some point, hopefully sooner than later because I really appreciate this community. I was banned for saying “IM A COP” and I admit it was stupid, but If you knew me you would understand my intentions were light hearted, and I thought people would get a laugh out of it. Lesson learned, I understand the sensitive mindstate of a tripper, and it wasn’t the time or place.

  2. I’m on the wrong side of 40, but cutting out younger people from this positive site can only be harmful, I first tried LSD when I was 13, I really wish I had access to tripsitme then ( back in the 80’s pre internet) I think it’s a serious mistake to cut access to those who probably need support more than you and I when the shit hits the fan, back then I was very worried about discussing my drug use and possible side effects with anyone else, tripsit is something ESPECIALLY younger folk should have access to, as adults we can find ways through a bad trip, but now removing younger trippers access to help? seriously???? not good guys, maybe even set up a dedicated site to younger people, they need more support and guidance than we do, please rethink this, with all the evil synthetic drugs around today they need all the support they can get, please rethink this.

  3. I’ve looked through your website to research LSD & Magic Mushrooms but it didn’t have any information.. if anyone could let me know how it worked out for them (especially if it was positive haha) please let me know details like how many grams of shrooms and the dosage of lsd

  4. I took them yesterday while i had vyvanse 30mg. In the trip and after that night, i felt my conciousness wasn’t good and was ADD. I kind of had a panic of losing my brain ability to be intelligent ane retain things better again. Am i going to suffer long term affect or is this because of the vyvanse as they have been killing me in the past weeks.

  5. Hey just wondering a couple weeks ago i was with mates just smoking weed and we bought it off not our usual guy and i started fading in and out of consiousness and started pretty much tripping out like i saw purple and pink flying at my head and i felt like i was going to die i ended up blacking when i tried to stand up just wondering if anyone knows what could have been laced withing this weed

    1. It’s very unlikely your weed was laced with anything. This is very uncommon and results in expense to the dealer without any extra customers. It’s more likely you smoked too much or the stuff was stronger. If it looks and smells like weed, it’s very likely weed.

  6. Hi I’m about to take some LSD at 1:00pm and the current time is 9:04am and I got a few questions to ask and I was wondering if u guys could help me maybe

  7. I’m 43 and have been a stay at home mom most of my life. I don’t even know how to begin to buy pot to help with my multiple Sclerosis symptoms.

    1. There’s no way to dose pressed pills accurately. You would need to test and weigh them. Please consult your dealer and weigh the pills with a 1mg sensitive scale.

  8. How do I know if someone is selling too high a dose of THC?
    I ate a lollipop and didn’t know it had 65 milligrams of THC and had to have a rescue bring me to the hospital. It was the scariest experience. Not only was I hallucinating but couldn’t stop my body from shaking. Thought I was going to die😩

    1. Edibles require care as it’s very difficult to tell the dosage without labels. Smoking is easier to regulate.
      If you have such an attack after taking a lot, it can be convenient to have benzodiazepines on hand to reduce the effects, but taking these often can form a dependency and have rebound anxiety, so take care.
      Unexpected high doses can often have very strong side effects, including the shakes, but they usually pass. The important thing is to breathe, have some water where possible.

    1. Depends on your heartrate and other factors. If you feel like your health is at risk, go to a hospital. Be sure to carefully assess if you’re in a panic beforehand – sometimes your feelings are scarier than your actual symptoms. I suggest quitting meth – long term use will burn you out so you no longer feel joy.

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