TripSit Factsheets

The TripSit team is always looking for new ways we can more easily and effectively communicate harm reduction information concerning drugs to our users; we believe that the accessibility of this data is paramount to giving people the ability to make safer and more informed decisions about their drug use.

A major incarnation of this effort are our Factsheets, which provide simple and easily digestible information on more than 250 drugs. By providing a single page with summarised information on various important traits of a drug, a factsheet quickly and easily informs a user of the major issues to be aware of when taking the drug. Similar to our drug combinations chart, they are designed to give an accessible overview of important data, while for more in-depth information about a drug, we have the TripSit Wiki.

This simple approach to data collection, input and output also means that we can provide prospective information for newer chemicals more quickly than traditional sources. Our team collates and summarises data from multiple sources existing on the web, along with other research sources, to provide the best estimates we can on the various user-relevant properties of a drug – including dosages, what to avoid, duration etc. We continue to update and improve the information we have when newer data becomes available.

The factsheets also provide a programmatic API, which allows other projects to include our data in their applications. We hope this sponsors a spirit of collaboration between the myriad hard-working harm reduction organisations on the web today. Eventually, we hope to develop this into a more fully-formed expression of the information in structured data, allowing more complex operations on the dataset.

Check out our factsheets, or read about our API.


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