TripSit General Update

Since TripSit has seen a lot of growth recently, we thought it would be a good idea to post a general update on the status of the network at the moment, including our recent development, activities and growth. As the first order of business, we’ve decided to start posting weekly updates on the site, starting with this more general update, so we can give everyone more of an idea of what’s going on behind the scenes and let people know about any important changes or new goings on in our network.

Street Team

We’re currently looking at moving into the real life with our operations, providing real-life trip sitting support around the globe at various festivals and similar functions just like we do every day online – a ‘street team.’ We’ll eventually have people go to various festivals under the TripSit banner (for perhaps free or discount-entry) to help people out and spread the word, giving out free bottles of water and the like. We are working on getting some stickers and t-shirts for people to use to help spread the word; if you are going to a festival this summer please send a modmail or message an admin so we can put you on a contact list to receive free merchandise to give out.

If you have experience in graphic design, have any festival contacts or just feel like this is the kind of thing you’d really like to help out with, then send a modmail or contact the TripSit team in our admin IRC channel to get involved!

Donations and Merchandise

We’re currently collecting money for the development of our street-team project – you can help us out by either donating in return for prime, fancy TripSit merchandise here, or at this bitcoin address: 1EDqf32gw73tc1WtgdT2FymfmDN4RyC9RN.

Here are our first sticker designs, printed on 2 x 3.5 inch rectangle-cut glossy/silk sticker, which you get ten of in return for donating $10 or more. If you donate $30, you will receive stickers along with a TripSit t-shirt in a size of your choice. With $50 or more, you will receive a custom TripSit tee designed by our team (add your IRC nick or a chemical symbol of your choice).

#drugs Updates

#drugs is the largest component of our network, and has seen huge growth over the last couple of months! This is great, and I personally love that there’s a nice place for all members of our community to enjoy general chat and make friends with people who share similar interests and values.

However, the size of #drugs also means that it can be a little hard to moderate and as such it sees some deviation in quality. We’d like to remind all users that you can help #drugs be the place you want it to by letting the administrators know what’s going on. Use the ‘~report’ command in PM to tripbot to report either good or bad behaviour you see from other users in #drugs to the administrators.

Also, remember that TripSit has many other resources available – if you’re a registered user on IRC then you can join the #DrugsVIP channel for slower but perhaps more involved chat, and we’re always encouraging people to join our web-based social networking siteNexus. Also, if you’re in the mind for helping people out or answering questions trip sitting and generally promoting harm reduction with drug use then head on over to #tripsit.

Nexus Updates

We’re seeing slow but steady growth on our Nexus social network, with lots of valuable content and discussion happening in various formats. Visit us here to join in and help us grow!


We’re enjoying a nice surge in popularity at the moment and we’re excited about working on expanding the TripSit project world-wide, supporting the cause for harm reduction better and more widely than ever before. Stay tuned for more updates!

Much love,


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