TripSitter Application

Required Qualifications

We want people who love TripSit, want to see and contribute to its growth, and be part of our success.

We require regular presence on the the TripSit IRC and a willingness to help out other staff with projects.

Staff members must also have the ability to separate personal from professional interactions with users.

Finally, a basic knowledge of drugs and how they interact with other drugs and mental conditions is highly preferred.

Desirable Qualifications

We look for people who bring something new to the TripSit team and have ideas and skills to help us improve our community.

Professional experience/qualifications in any of the following areas:

Technical and computer science, including programming and web development.

Biology, chemistry, medicine, pharmacology etc.

Media, audio/visual editing, graphic design, or radio.

Some form of higher education, or at least the ability to research and reference the research.

Basic Information

Please write your answers down into a text document as a backup, and contact a staff member after submitting them. If you're not sure whom to contact, feel free to join to let us know about your application.

Your history

For potential Contributors, please let us know how long you've been helping in the #content room, or any other contributions you've had to projects we've had.

Getting to know you

Going forward