Harm Reduction Through Education

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Global Drug Survey Releases Harm Reduction Guide

The Global Drug Survey, founded by Dr Adam Winstock, today released the results of its 2014 survey in the form of a fairly comprehensive and practical harm reduction guide, called ‘The Highway Code.’ The harm reduction strategies included in the guide were suggested by GDS in this year’s survey, and then the most effective were voted for by the...

Canada Approves MDMA for Clinical Research

After four years of work by charities such as MAPS, a licence was obtained last year to import nine grams of MDMA into Canada for the purposes of undertaking studies and treatments in MDMA-assisted psychotherapy for the treatment of PTSD. Historically there have been major setbacks in the study of MDMA for therapeutic purposes as a result of its status as an...

MDMA Could Cure Tinnitus

Anecdotal claims from a substantial amount MDMA users have led researchers in New Zealand to begin investigation into the possibility that use of the drug may in fact cure or treat tinnitus. Read more!

Toxic Ketamine Found From Online Vendors

Recent tests by users of an online drug marketplace forum have found that batches of Ketamine sold from several sources is fake, and is potentially comprised of toxic materials. Find out more about the tests here, and be safe!

Crack Pipe Vending Machines to Curb Disease Spread

A new incentive by the Drug Users Resource Centre in Vancouver endeavours to slow the spread of diseases such as HIV and Hepatitis C via the deployment of vending machines which allow users cheap and easy access to safer inhalation supplies. Read more...